New Projects 

New Facility Project Modoc_hosp

We are excited that site civil construction has begun for the MMC Replacement Facility project with a local contractor performing the work.

In April, MMC received local bids to perform the site civil construction for the New Facility Project, which will include a Critical Access Hospital, Operating Room, Emergency Room, Hospital Pharmacy, Radiology Department, Laboratory Department, Clinic, Retail Pharmacy, Ambulance Garage, Maintenance Shop and some Support Services and Administrative office space. 

The project is needed to meet seismic regulations that exist for hospitals in California. Additionally, the new facility will provide the community with a state-of-the-art facility. The site for the new facility is south of Highway 299 across the highway from the former Forest Service building. 

MMC is very appreciative of both local contractors that bid on this
portion of the project. CEO Kevin Kramer stated, “We are excited to work with White Bear Construction on this portion of the project and are excited that local resources are being used to deliver the project. The
savings related to the local delivery of this site work are significant. It is
estimated that our ability to hire a local contractor to do the site work will save MMC over a half a million dollars.”

At this time, it is anticipated that MMC would be able to occupy the new facility sometime at the beginning of the calendar year 2021.

Click to access the Architectural report.

PCR Program

Our Laboratory continues to expand its services and is now offering state-of-the-art Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) testing for Respiratory and Gastrointestinal (GI) disease-causing organisms. 

PCR is a method used for making copies of short sections of DNA from a small sample of genetic material. This process is used to detect the genetic material of bacteria or viruses that are causing an infection. The purpose of this test is to identify specific pathogens in order to better and more accurately treat patients.  This, in turn, eliminates unnecessary and expensive antibiotic treatments. This will also help us avoid unnecessary hospitalizations, while still aggressively treating patients whose illness may be life-threatening.

The Respiratory panel can detect 20 different dangerous infection agents, such as different flu strains, whereas the GI panel can detect around 22 high-incidence disease-causing agents.    
The utility of this new testing method will provide improved diagnostic accuracy and will allow results to be ready in about an hour. This will further enable our Providers to give patients more accurate and timely treatment and potentially save lives, especially those of children. 

Tele-Dermatology at the Clinic

Our Family Practice Clinic is now offering Tele-Dermatology! MMC is working with Direct-Derm to offer dermatology consultations to our patients.

DirectDerm helps to connect patients and referring physicians to the leading dermatologists through a secure web and mobile platform for timely, affordable consultations and accurate and
comprehensive diagnoses and treatment plans.

With this program, a patient will come into the Clinic for a visit with their primary care provider who will examine them and take photos of the skin condition. The photos will be sent via electronic submission to a Dermatologist who will recommend a treatment plan to be carried out by the primary care provider. Should further dermatological assistance be needed, a referral to a local Dermatologist can be made.

DirectDerm is assisting us in overcoming a healthcare barrier that we face here in Modoc County; our remote location. Direct-Derm services are covered by most health plans, and they also offer an affordable self-pay option.

We are excited to be able to partner with DirectDerm to offer this great new service to our patients. Schedule an appointment with your provider to see if this service is right for you at 530-233-7052.