Major Projects 

New Facility Project Nexus_facility_drawing_-_2015_edit

Recently, Modoc Medical Center (MMC) received a generous gift of around $500,000 from Mrs. Bernice H. Bell.  The donation was given to MMC to help purchase new equipment for the new medical facility that is planned to be built over the next few years. The facility will be just south of Highway 299 across the street from the old Forest Service building.  This is the second charitable gift that Mrs. Bell has provided to MMC for use on the New Facility Project.  The first amounted to around one million dollars and was designated to be used for the construction of the new Diagnostic Laboratory.  The Laboratory department in the new facility will be named after Bernice H. Bell and her late husband Herbert E. Bell, Jr. as a result of their generosity to this community and their interest in the new facility project. 

Kevin Kramer, CEO of Modoc Medical Center, stated, “This gift from Bernice Bell couldn’t have come at a better time for Modoc Medical Center.  The steering committee for the New Facility Project continues to work to reduce the scope of the project in an effort to bring the total cost down closer to target cost.  These funds will help us to retain more of the planned space in the new facility while ensuring that the project remains financially feasible.  What a blessing it has been to receive such generous gifts over the last few years from John Wall and Bernice Bell.  The generosity of these individuals and others in the past to Modoc Medical Center and this community is beyond words.” 

The New Facility Project continues to progress.  Currently, the steering committee for the New Facility Project is scheduled for another meeting with their design-build team members, NM&R and Swinerton Builders on August 1, 2017, in Redding.  The purpose of that meeting will be to go over an updated price to deliver the project, taking into account all the changes that have been made over the last couple of months to the space and scope of the project.  The steering committee for the new facility is hopeful that the price will be closer to their target cost so that they can move on to the next steps in the planning process for the project. This will include submitting the project to the Office of Statewide Health and Planning and Development (OSHPD) for initial review and then proceeding to develop construction documents that can ultimately be approved by OSHPD as well, which will be required prior to initiating construction.

In addition to this, the steering committee continues to work with The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to determine if a skilled nursing facility (SNF) will have to be built on the site of the new hospital and clinic building to retain licensing as a distinct-part skilled nursing facility (DP/SNF).  As previously reported, loss of that designation by MMC would translate to a loss of significant reimbursement to the Medical Center annually.  A phone conference was held between the regional and central offices of CMS on July 12, 2017.  Participants in that phone call included both regional and central office directors of CMS, Modoc Medical Center, South Humboldt Community Healthcare District, and representatives from the California Hospital Association.  The purpose of that phone call was for both MMC and Southern Humboldt Community Healthcare District to request that CMS grant them an exception that would allow both Healthcare Districts to retain licensing for their DP/SNFs without having to build new facilities when their Hospitals are moved to a different location.  CMS has committed to providing a written response to this request by the end of August. 

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PRIME Project

Our Family Practice Clinic has been awarded the opportunity to participate in the PRIME Program. PRIME is a 5-year funding opportunity from Medi-Cal. The goal of PRIME is to promote projects that encourage better delivery of health care and accomplish better health in patients. This project will increase health care value by helping patients to realize better health outcomes.

To achieve this, MMC is changing the Clinic’s patient model to a Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH). As part of this transition, we have identified specific health disparities that we will work to improve through better care delivery and increased patient engagement and coaching.  

To assist in these efforts, we will hire staff (Care Coordinators) to guide certain patients through all aspects of treatment. We are also implementing a new electronic medical record system that is designed for better management and delivery of care in the clinic setting. This will enable us to better identify and track patient conditions and help to manage the tasks that are performed on a daily basis by the Care Coordinators. 

In addition to these changes, we are also in the process of expanding the Clinic to include a new four-room pod that will consist of three exam rooms and one provider office. Construction on this addition will begin in the summer when everything has been approved.

JPIA Initiative

The JPIA (Joint Powers/Intergovernmental Agreement) Board held their first meeting July 1st to establish their structure and to discuss several matters. Some Agenda items included the election of officers, selection of a Chief Operating Officer and a fiscal agent. Goals for the 2016 fiscal year were discussed, as well as potential future projects. Another agenda item was the possibility of future transportation between facilities.

The Board has been moving forward since the signing of the JPIA by the four health care districts comprised of Mayers Memorial Hospital District, Lake Health District, Surprise Valley Health Care District, and Last Frontier Healthcare District (Modoc Medical Center). This spring, members of the JPIA participated in an inter-facility training in order to observe and standardize board practices. Each district is very optimistic about the collaboration. 

Since late September 2014, the Boards and leadership teams of the four participating health care districts have been working on forming the JPIA. In essence, this is an agreement that exists between the four health care districts that outline the formation of the JPIA Board along with how the districts collaborate with each other to identify ways of improving operations and providing more and improved services to the regions that they serve. Click for more JPIA information.