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The staff at Modoc Medical Center (MMC) seeks to provide the best patient care possible. One way we do this is by asking for feedback from our patients and our community. Your feedback is vital for our improvement.

In an effort to better our facility, MMC conducts several patient surveys. Patients are contacted after a visit to the Emergency Room, after visits to the Clinic and following inpatient stays. The nursing staff contacts ER patients following their visit to the ER to answer any questions the patient may have after being discharged.  All patients who have had an inpatient stay are contacted by phone and asked a series of questions designed to improve patient services and patient satisfaction.

The HCAHPS (Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems) survey is the first national, standardized, publicly reported survey of patients' perspectives of hospital care. This is reported publicly and allows patients to compare hospital performance in 11 different areas. The table below lists MMC’s comparison to the National Average.


Most recently MMC has contracted to conduct Clinic surveys. These surveys are similar to HCAHPS. Patients are contacted by phone and asked a series of questions. This allows patients to provide input into their Clinic experiences.

Every department has quality indicators or a plan to improve an aspect of their department. MMC has a Quality Council that meets every other month and as needed to review these plans. The purpose of this Council is to review the current quality and safety initiatives, the relevance of goals and objectives and to provide input into these activities.

Positive Community Feedback:

  • Awesome; they were so wonderful; better visit than I’ve ever been treated; they did a great job.
  • Impressed with the MD, he was so sweet and the nurse - he is a happy, great nurse; staff was so nice. 
  • I’m feeling a whole lot better. Tell the Dr. he did a great job and saved my life!! You guys are doing a great job.
  • You guys are doing great!

Our focus is on continuous improvement of quality care, but we need your input. If you have any questions or comments concerning quality assurance or performance improvements please contact our QAPI Coordinator:

Celeste R. Wilder 
530-233-5131 ext. 1411 


We are a small, community hospital. We treat people here like family because they ARE family.