Infusion ServicesInfusion_room

Modoc Medical Center offers outpatient Therapeutic Infusion Therapies that allow patients and families to receive their care closer to home. 

Infusions are administered by qualified staff, experienced in the many different types of Intravenous Therapies. Infusion treatments that are offered on an outpatient basis are as follows:

  • IV and injectable antibiotics
  • Blood transfusions and other components
  • Infusions of medications to treat Osteoporosis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis and General Hydration

Infusions are scheduled during normal business hours, but exceptions can be made to address the specific treatment and/or needs of the patient. 

Contact DeLinda Gover-RN at 530-233-5131 ext. 1431 or Allison Lai-Pharmacist at ext. 1430 for more information.